Dream homes have typically been associated with large homes for most people.
For a lot of people though, that’s changing.
With as little as 100 sq ft, tiny homes have exploded in popularity.

They are relatively inexpensive

A general range for tiny homes is anywhere from $15k-$80k. While it’s a pretty large range, factors such as whether or not you build it yourself, and how/where you get your material, can have a huge impact on where you end up within that range. For a lot of people who want to build themselves, it’s practical to save enough to pay for everything outright and not go into debt. While it’s still a significant amount to invest, imagine having NO mortgage or rent payment!

They travel well

Whether you’re a snowbird, or you just love seeing new places, having a tiny home makes it surprisingly easy. Just hitch it to a truck and go! A lot of times tiny homes are customized for a specific owner. They can be designed to be completely off grid and parked just about anywhere; or they can be built in a way that requires power and water hookups. Regardless, the mobility can be a huge benefit.

They can be extremely efficient

 Tiny homes can be extremely efficient both in terms energy and space. Every square foot of a tiny home is put to its highest and best use, and sometimes uses. A lot of times, owners find that the eliminated space was inefficient and or unnecessary. With all of this efficient use of space, your cooling/heating needs become inherently efficient as well, making the energy bill a fraction of what it would be in a traditional home. With all of these savings, you can put more towards what you really enjoy in life!


If you have looked into tiny house living at all, you probably already know the amount of space doesn’t allow for a whole lot of excess. If you’re looking to downsize and minimize your life, the tiny home lifestyle can be a great way to insure it’s done.

What’s most appealing to you about tiny homes? What are your top questions about them? Feel free to share below!

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